A birthday, a radio interview and a magazine profile made for a crazy, awesome day

Wow, today was a crazy and awesome day for me. Today is my firm’s birthday so we celebrated with cupcakes which we delivered to some of our clients to say thanks for their support over the years. I only saw them at the end of this crazy day and ate two of them in quick succession. I had to eat a fruit afterwards to try balance out the extreme sugar hit! The cupcakes were made by Angel Conradie who runs The Cupcake Lady. Her cupcakes are practically the stuff of legend! If you haven’t tried some of these cupcakes, you are either incredibly disciplined or utterly deprived.

Cupcakes for Jacobson Attorneys birthday-9

To make my day even better, I was interviewed on Radio 702 about a fascinating case in Durban where a judge authorised service of court documents using Facebook. I’ve been interviewed on radio and TV before but this was more fun than usual and related to something I have been thinking about for a while. It’s pretty exciting to see the law developing in this direction even if this next step is a fairly small one. Of course the feedback from the radio interview was terrific too!

I had a chance to take my little girl to her first Kindermusik lesson after lunch and she loved it. That was some awesome Daddy-Daughter time. Then, to round off a crazy day, I found out that Tamaryn Watkins‘ profile of me has been published in Brainstorm Magazine. I love the article and I am stealing that title (Tamaryn agreed so I guess it’s not really stealing …).


Today has definitely been a good day both personally and professionally.


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