More about that Google Plus thing

This is a follow up to my last Google+ post, in a way. I had some time and was already experimenting with a microphone attached to my camera this morning so I recorded a couple thoughts about Google+. If you are not interested in Google+, this probably won’t interest you all that much. If you are already a Google+ fan, you know this stuff already. If you are interested in Google+ but aren’t all that convinced about it’s utility for you, this might be helpful.

If you ignore, for a moment that this is Google, consider the possible value of the circles in Google+ and your ability to share very selectively and in a way that allows you to maintain a distinction between your various roles in your life while using the same platform for it all. I came across this old Epipheo video (I mistakenly referred to it as a Common Craft video in my video monologue) titled “What is Google+ and do I need it?” which does a great job of explaining why Google+ is worth considering (unless you’re not or are already neck deep):



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