The Samsung Galaxy S3 launches in South Africa

The Samsung Galaxy S3 launched in South Africa with a spectacular event in Sandton this evening. I was invited to attend as a blogger and I took my camera along for the evening.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Launch-85

With my time constraints at the moment, I’m not going to give you a review of the phone (well, I haven’t used one for more than a few minutes) or tell you about it’s specs and features. For that, take a look at the fine work done by TechCentral and Dave Greenway over at The Tech Duel to introduce yourself to this beautiful device.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Launch-34

I arrived in time for the second half of the media briefing and stuck around for much of the main event where the Galaxy S3 was unveiled to the guests. The launch event was a pretty spectacular affair and was worth attending. I had a chance to chat to Greenway about some of the more interesting features in the S3. We were chatting while the Samsung people were talking about the phone’s features on stage and I had to record some of our chat and publish it with SoundCloud:

I got a number of decent photos this evening and you can view my full photo set here.

Update: I shot this video of the performance before the launch presentations. Not the best I’ve seen at a launch event (my favourite so far was the tap group at the Nokia Lumia launch event in February: Part 1, Part 2) but an enjoyable performance:

Disclosure: I should point out that, on arrival, I was given a gift of a Nespresso Essenza coffee machine worth about R2 500 or so. I don’t see that sort of thing as requiring me to change my approach but it is an implicit request for favourable coverage.

I gave the Nespresso to my wife who was going to ask for one for her birthday anyway so thanks to Samsung for my wife’s early birthday present!


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