Monte Casino security helped me change a tyre

We just came to Monte Casino to watch The Lorax with our son. When we came out and got into our car, Natassia pointed out that our front right tyre was a bit flat.

Spanner in hand

I pulled out the jack and tools and started raising the car to change the tyre in the parking area and looked up to see Monte Casino security had arrived and one of its members, Donald, was on the ground with me helping out.

I didn’t get his name but He helped me change the tyre and put the spare on. He was a great help and I appreciate the help. Thanks dude!

When I was loading the spare back under the car I noticed another security guard standing by until everything was stowed away and the car closed up. That was comforting. I had tools laid out while I was packing stuff away and I could relax my usual paranoia and finish what I was doing.






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