Another reason I am a @EuropcarSA fan

One of Europcar’s drivers messed up driving me and my candidate attorney, Nastassja, from the CSIR International Convention Centre to the Hatfield Gautrain Station.

He wasn’t familiar with the route, didn’t use his GPS and was careless making turns across lanes when he almost drove past the station. It was a stark contrast to our driver this morning who drove well, knew pretty much where he was going and got us there without incident.

Both drivers were polite but the second driver seemed unsure that contributed to his mistakes.

That said, I am still a fan. I tweeted the experience when we got to the station and I received a call from the chauffeur service head about 15 minutes later to apologise, find out more about our experience and to inform me he would address the situation.

Thankfully no-one was hurt, other drivers were vigilant so what matters is that Europcar was paying attention and adopted a constructive approach to the issue. It’s not an elaborate strategy but it’s effective and as a customer, I’m still a fan.


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