Google abandons the + in Chrome

I also noticed a small change in the Chrome tab bar when I updated to the current version (version 17.x):

I noticed yesterday that Chrome no longer displays a “+” inside of the new tab button.

Chrome new tab buttons
Above: the new tab button for the previous versions of Chrome on the left and the new tab button on the right.

At first, I thought it was a bug. I quit and restarted Chrome with the same results. I tweeted about it and quickly got a few confirmations that it’s not an issue just on my computer, but a recent change in Chrome, and a few other people thought it was a bug as well.

Here is some information about this apparent bug that turns about to be a design decision: Chrome and the blank new tab button. Its a little weird and you’d think Google would be a little more sensitive about dropping a ‘+’ in its browser.

Yes, I realise this is a little obtuse but that’s how I roll.






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