Its been a year already

Its been a year since my brother-in-law, Cliff Hoffmann, passed away. Its fitting that today is such a sombre day here in Johannesburg. I took the photo below at a lunch at Gina’s late grandmother, Granny Ruby, on the 2nd of January 2011. I remember that day being a pretty good day. We were visiting with Aaron and Faith (less than a month old and still so tiny) and Gina’s aunt and uncle were visiting from the United States.

I wrote a short post after Cliff’s funeral which you can read here. He left a lot of people behind who miss him every day. Today, I’m thinking about his family (Gina, Lindy, Matt and Bangar) and his close friends (Timor, Dave, Gary, Rafique, Kara and Laura to name just a few) and so many others who were close to him, respected him and feel his absence daily.






What do you think?

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