Easy steps to delete your Google Plus profile

I noticed a few people on Twitter asking how to delete a Google+ account so I took a look. The process looks pretty easy so if you don’t really see the point of Google+, have no interest in having a Google+ profile and want to make it all go away, try these simple steps:

If you are still unsure

If you have a lingering suspicion there may be something to this Google+ thing and you’re not quite sure about killing it off, I wrote a pretty insightful (at least, I think so) post about Google+’s value as an engagement platform. That might be worth reading.

If not, Facebook’s new privacy settings and the subscription option could fit your requirements better, especially if you are already invested in Facebook. I think the recent changes to Facebook make it a pretty compelling platform and if you are not sold on Google+ just yet, consider using Facebook’s new features.

Step 1: Go to Google+

Make sure you are logged in and click on your email address in the top right.

Next, select “Account settings”.

Google+ Account Settings

Step 2: Click on the link to remove your Google+ profile

Click on the “Account Overview” tab on the left and you should see the screen below. Click on the “Delete profile and remove associated Google+ features” option the arrow is pointing to.

Account overview - Account Settings

Step 3: Select a surgical strike or complete devastation

This final screen gives you the option of keeping your Google+ profile intact but removing all your content (useful if your Google+ profile is your online identity) or wiping it all out entirely (Trouble Fixers strongly recommends going with the content deletion option, not the second option).

Downgrade from Google+






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