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  • Google+ adds auto-awesome movies and they are

    Ok, this is really cool. It is probably worth selling part of my digital soul for this sort of awesomeness. Already the auto-awesome photo effects are really enriching my experience. Can’t wait to see the video equivalents.

  • Revealing Google+ user figures

    I just watched a video of Amit Singh’s presentation at Atmosphere London 2013 and this slide was pretty interesting. It has some user stats for Google+ which are helpful in clarifying active “stream” users (presumably plus.google.com) and users considered to be Google+ users because Google+ is enabled in their Google accounts. User the larger figure […]

  • While we are wondering why ordinary users should use Google+

    Forbes has an interesting article in which is raises the seemingly perennial question about Google+: why should “ordinary” users care about Google+? The point that no-one is using Google+ isn’t really a good one, however you measure Google+ users, there are a substantial number of people using the service. The challenge is more the composition […]

  • More about that Google Plus thing

    More about that Google thing from Paul Jacobson on Vimeo. This is a follow up to my last Google+ post, in a way. I had some time and was already experimenting with a microphone attached to my camera this morning so I recorded a couple thoughts about Google+. If you are not interested in Google+, […]

  • Google Plus numbers: Not bad for a 1 year old ghost town

    It turns out I am not the only person in South Africa using Google+ (well, it’s not news to me, I use Google+) and, today, Google released some useful numbers about it’s service, which turns 1 tomorrow. Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice-President of Social Business for Google, announced these numbers at Google I/O which kicked off […]

  • Did I jinx Google+

    I realised that one of the reasons I am a little apprehensive about getting too excited about Google+ is that I have a history of getting excited about services and how much better they are at certain things than, say, Twitter only to find the services are bought out, fade away or just die. Illustrations […]

  • The new Google Plus design looks a little like Facebook's Timeline

    You’ve probably started seeing tweets and posts about the new Google+ design. It’s live on my profile and this is what it looks like for me: The new Google+ design feels a little claustrophobic. The top and left bars seem to make the middle panel that much smaller. I also can’t help but notice the […]

  • Social plus Search with Google

    This is the one major blind spot Facebook has – search. This move is a really interesting way to come at social relevance from the other direction and I think its going to be an exciting change. Now all Google+ needs is Facebook’s user base to make all that personal search truly useful. Update: Kathryn […]