Word of Mouth love for writing app, Scrivener

Ivan Pope mentioned me in a tweet linking to his Storify, um, story (what is the noun here?) about some of the word of mouth love for Scrivener, a writing application I use and love. Ivan included one of my tweets in his stream of mentions and related links. Its a minor, yet good, example of how fans spread the word of the stuff they love.

I’ve been using Scrivener for a while now in my legal practice. The application was intended for authors who tend to work on longer projects. I have been using it to create first drafts of agreements and policies, as well as reports and similar documents. I work primarily in full screen mode in my MacBook Air and Scrivener allows me to set up an excellent workspace with its ability to import a variety of file formats and open them up in separate reference windows which I place on my external screen.

Its a great way to work and it means I don’t have to spend most of my time fighting with Word and its picky style requirements (I have a strong dislike for Microsoft Word but its a necessary evil). Scrivener is great software that its fans love.



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