Missing Link sent me a Broken Bum care package, thank you @presorockgods

You may have read that I injured myself last week. It turned out that the “bruise” was a little more severe than I thought. The thoughtful folks over at Missing Link sent me a little care package to help speed up my recovery and I just had to say “thanks”!

To ensure my injury wasn’t in vain, I took the liberty of preparing this little disclaimer for any future slide jockeys:

You are about to experience the thrill of a high speed slide to the ground floor. Your palms may be a little sweaty as you contemplate the acceleration, wind in your hair and sudden stop at the bottom.

Its really exciting, its a rush but we should just point out that neither Missing Link or the awesome people who work and drink coffee here, happen to be passing by and wander in to see what all the fuss is about and anyone else loosely affiliated with all of these rockstars are going to be responsible if you injure yourself, injure us or lose your keys and mobile phone (or anything else for that matter) along the way.

As you assume the position and begin your attempt to break the office speed barrier, just remember its your decision. We offered you the stairs, but no, you had to break the sound barrier. Good luck! May the Force be with you. Make it so.




  1. Richard Mulholland avatar

    Hahahaha, this is too funny bro. If ever the legal gig doesn’t work out for you you can always come work at the Link as an editor.

  2. pauljacobson avatar

    Rich, only if I don’t have to use the slide. My wife will beat me if I even think about going down it again. Something about age …

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