TrueHDR: an awesome iOS photo app to consider

IMG 2274

I’ve been using TrueHDR on my iPhone, on and off, for a little while now. The app takes HDR photos by taking 3 separate photos and combining them into some really spectacular looking images.

I was playing around with the app the other day and noticed that, like Instagram and Camera+ (two photo apps I use all the time) it now has a couple cool filters.

IMG 2270

Add these filters to the HDR photos you may be taking and you get some pretty awesome results for such a simple setup. I noticed this piece of foil on a road the other day and snapped this shot with TrueHDR. I applied one of the filters and really like the result.

IMG 2262

The challenge, though, is remembering that whatever you are taking a photo of can’t be moving! I have some great shots of a tree and the sun behind it this morning but the tree was moving enough in the wind to result in a spectacularly blurred photo.

IMG 2271

The app is $1,99 in the US iTunes app store and worth the price.





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