What trashy property spam looks like

I used to feel that opt-out marketing was bad, generally, and should be wholly replaced by an opt-in model. Warren Moss, Demographica’s MD, pointed out the value of an opt-out paradigm when it comes to people who are simply unaware of the products and services that are available to them and which they may only learn of through unsolicited marketing. In those circumstances an opt-in requirement could prejudice those consumers.

On the other hand, there is some spam which is just trashy and one of the big culprits is property sales spam. I received an email from some dubious crowd called France Leasebacks which irked me. I particularly liked this bit in the disclaimer:

This message (including any attachments) is classified and may be privileged. If you have received it by mistake please notify the sender by return e-­‐mail and delete this message from your system. Any unauthorised use or dissemination of this message in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.

What a cheek! There is no opt-out option or any indication why this email is even remotely relevant to me.

France Leasebacks Spam





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