Embracing the news habit: what's your habit?

Feed icon 96x96While many people have shifted to Twitter as their main source of news, I still believe that RSS feeds are worth keeping, recommended even. I initially resisted the idea that Twitter could replace RSS as a news source and found myself using it more and more for day to day news. I don’t have an iPad and I am sure that if I did, the many services that convert tweets into a virtual newspaper would come in handy. That said, there is a lot to be said for still using a feedreader for news consumption.

I’ve been using Feedly for the most part and its a terrific service/app for news consumption. The UI is beautiful even if the functionality isn’t as complete as I would like. It works well on iPhone and Android devices and even better in a browser. I started using another app today, Reeder, partly to try it out and partly because I’d like to be able to do a couple things with my feedreader I haven’t really been able to do very easily in Feedly (possibly because I haven’t figured it out yet). I like Reeder and the ability to share with a variety of services. Readability integration is cool and I am very glad to see I can also read my Google Reader “Following” feeds (I was missing that in Feedly).

Reeder screenshot

Anyway, this isn’t meant to be an argument for RSS readers over Twitter as a news source. I see value in both (and others like Google+) as news sources. What I am curious about is what your news habit is? Do you take it as it comes or do you have a daily/periodic habit for new consumption? Morning coffee or late night tea?

The reason why I am asking is that I feel a strong need to keep on top of news in my and related spaces and am trying to find the best way to integrate the habit into my daily workflows.






  1. Brady Kelly avatar
    Brady Kelly

    While I too often follow news links that people tweet, I very much like to take a break from work and just go and have a good old surf for news. It makes an educational distraction. For more professional or trade news I normally rely on daily emails with links to external articles.

  2. Darren Gorton avatar

    I’m a Google Reader fan although added too many feeds years ago and now just scroll through specific folders on a regular basis until I delete the unused ones. Usually take a scroll through in the morning to catch up, or if there are a lot of updates I’ll spread it through the day. Trying out Readefine as an alternative RSS browser but still only pulling my Google Reader updates. Twitter is a good source of links but too distracting and too wide for my liking.

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