Embracing the news habit: what's your habit?

Feed icon 96x96While many people have shifted to Twitter as their main source of news, I still believe that RSS feeds are worth keeping, recommended even. I initially resisted the idea that Twitter could replace RSS as a news source and found myself using it more and more for day to day news. I don’t have an iPad and I am sure that if I did, the many services that convert tweets into a virtual newspaper would come in handy. That said, there is a lot to be said for still using a feedreader for news consumption.

I’ve been using Feedly for the most part and its a terrific service/app for news consumption. The UI is beautiful even if the functionality isn’t as complete as I would like. It works well on iPhone and Android devices and even better in a browser. I started using another app today, Reeder, partly to try it out and partly because I’d like to be able to do a couple things with my feedreader I haven’t really been able to do very easily in Feedly (possibly because I haven’t figured it out yet). I like Reeder and the ability to share with a variety of services. Readability integration is cool and I am very glad to see I can also read my Google Reader “Following” feeds (I was missing that in Feedly).

Reeder screenshot

Anyway, this isn’t meant to be an argument for RSS readers over Twitter as a news source. I see value in both (and others like Google+) as news sources. What I am curious about is what your news habit is? Do you take it as it comes or do you have a daily/periodic habit for new consumption? Morning coffee or late night tea?

The reason why I am asking is that I feel a strong need to keep on top of news in my and related spaces and am trying to find the best way to integrate the habit into my daily workflows.

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