Calvetica v4 revamps the iOS calendar experience

Calvetica v4 appeared in my App Store downloads yesterday and it immediately changed how I manage my calendars on my iPhone. The app is pretty flexible, in some respects a lot easier to work with than the default iPhone calendar app but the new interface changes take a little getting used to.

Calvetica uses your existing calendar data on your device and can work in parallel with the Calendar app. The app gets its name from the Helvetica font use in the app but its reputation comes from how easy it can be to create events with the app. One of the things that is a little frustrating about Calendar is that you can’t tap a part of the screen and create an event at the time you tapped. Instead you have to hit the ‘+’ button and add the event that way. Calvetica makes it pretty easy to tap a time, add an event and get back to work.

Calvetica is a universal app for both the iPhone and iPad but I haven’t seen the iPad version in action. The iPhone interface take a little getting used to but I like it.







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