A little perspective on working women

Women are trained to do precise and vital engine installation detail in Douglas Aircraft Company plants, Long Beach, Calif. (LOC)

Here is a little perspective on working women from a terrific article by Gotham Gal, titled “Still CEO of the Wilson household” which many men would do well to take note of:

Although the 70% of my time spent on family is no longer 70% it is much less but it is far from zero. I have just figured out how to do it all within the 24 hours of the day and of course taking time out to sleep. Bottom line, as more and more women leave the workplace or re-enter the workplace, the reality is that whatever they choose to do for themselves or even if they never left work, their day job as CEO of the household will always continue to exist. So when VC’s or investors are concerned that pregnant entrepreneurs or women with families make them take pause to invest the reality is most women are doing a helluva lot more than anyone realizes and they thrive on it.

No offense guys, I’d love to see any of you do this.






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