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My current social Web service obsession is Hashable which I wrote about the other day. I have been reading a number of posts about the business networking service and the more I think about it, the more interesting the service is. I realised that Hashable has some pretty interesting information about its users’ interactions. Here are a few examples:

  • Who they are connected to and how strong those connections are;
  • What sorts of activities (expressed as hashtags) its users are engaged in and with whom;
  • Where and when those engagements occur (location data and an option for Foursquare integration).

From an advertising or promotional perspective that is some pretty useful data. I don’t know what Hashable is planning as far as a monetization strategy is concerned but some of the convergences of these datasets could shed light on which sorts of activities are preferred networking activities (for example, do people tend to be introduced over and have more meaningful one on one meetings over #lunch) or where those activities tend to take place based on popular Foursquare checkins that accompany Hashable checkins.

As a user, you can go back into your history and collate interactions based on activity types, you can review tweets around interactions, see who you are connected to strongly (and not) and easily add new contact and engagement data to your Hashable contacts on the fly. One question which may come up is how portable that engagement/interaction database is. Much of the contact lists is based on your Twitter friends and address books but the metadata you are adding to those lists starts to become really valuable. I’d love to know if that can be rendered portable and reusable elsewhere if need be?

In the meantime, here is another interesting interview with Hashable’s CEO, Michael Yavonditte:

Update: Take a look at this:






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