Ubuntu 11.04 is available

Well, the next iteration of Ubuntu is now available at a torrent or download server near you. It looks like a beauty of an OS and I have my usual new-Ubuntu-release-urge-to-switch-across-from-Mac-OS. I am torrenting the update now (I torrent it just because it is a legitimate use of such a controversial technology) and will run the “Live CD/USB” version on whatever will run it and probably update the Ubuntu partition on my Office machine for demo purposes.

If, like me, you are not an ongoing Ubuntu user, take a look at this video highlighting some of the new features in this release. Isn’t it a beautiful interface?

What’s new in Ubuntu 11.04? from Canonical Design on Vimeo.






  1. Allan Kent avatar

    It is very cool, but if you’ve got older hardware, unity struggles. The interface has a lot in common with OSX (based on my scant usage so far) but I’m way to heavily invested in OSX to move. OpenOffice, for all it’s strong points, still doesn’t compete with the M$ or Apple equivalents for heavy/pro users. I reckon if you’re knocking out simple documents infrequently then it’s perfect. I’ve installed it on an old Sony Vaio to play with, but I think that’s the furthest I’ll go 🙂

    1. pauljacobson avatar

      I also find Ubuntu increasingly appealing but I am pretty entrenched in the Mac OS/iOS platform duo. I could probably find decent replacements for everything I use, or most of it, but migrating without a really compelling reason probably wouldn’t be worth the hassle.

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