Support National Cleavage Day participants

National Cleavage Day sort of snuck up on me today. I didn’t realise today was the day until I saw it on Twitter (cause then its real, right?). Chris M is running his annual NCD competition on his blog and my wife is one of the many, lovely participants. Here is her contribution, she is #4, why not go and vote for her in the comments?

Of course it isn’t just about the competition. Many women support the day in their own, proud way. One such lady is the terrific Sue Rutherford who made the following before and after contributions:


After (dressing)

I am sure there are also people who regard days like this as demeaning, both of women and the supposed rationale for the day. They usually make compelling arguments why such a day is more offensive than beneficial but I am going to let those slide on by and support the ladies who are participating for two reasons: despite my generally conservative way, I am still a guy and because these ladies shouldn’t be refused an opportunity to support the day in a way that they like. Something like that.

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