No pork in my chicken sausages please


I don’t understand the appeal pork and bacon have. Granted I have never consciously eaten it (this Jewish boy just wasn’t raised that way) but why must it be part of 85.47% of meals served in restaurants and food on shelves?

This label struck me as a great example of something that drives me a bit nuts. I have, on occasion, gone shopping for sausages or similar meat for lunches and braais. I am frequently almost caught out by deceptive labels promising beef sausages but containing pork. As Andy Ihnatko put it recently: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!

Similarly, why would it be necessary for chicken sausages to have a notice stating they contain no pork? They’re chicken sausages! Beef sausages should be beef, not some beef and the rest pork. Beef sausages should be beef!

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