Living in Israel tips from The Big Felafel

Verkoop van etenswaren bij het strand van Tel Aviv / Selling food on Tel Aviv beach

I was clicking on links and came across this great site for people living in Israel. The site is called The Big Felafel and it contains “Essential Tips for Living in Israel”:

The choice was to live in ‘the big apple’/NYC or ‘The Big Felafel’/Israel.

We chose The Big Felafel.

Living in Israel is challenging, but once you see that someone else has gone through what you’re going through, it gets a little easier.

A couple of our friends have moved to Israel in the last few years and this seems like a pretty handy resource. The blog covers quite a bit of ground judging from the categories list alone. Odds are this site will be pretty useful if you are planning on moving to Israel, have just arrived or even if you have been there for a little while already.







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