Take that hooter and go bleep yourself

Car Dealership in Keene New Hampshire

I work in a converted garage which is adjacent to a converted house which serves as office space for my landlord, Hypertext Media (great people), and some other company with an endless supply of employees with cars who need to get in and out of the complex every 10 to 15 minutes.

The problem is that they only have a couple remote controls and the guy who owns the complex hasn’t bothered to install an intercom for visitors or some sort of pressure plate on the inside of the wall by the gate to open the gate automatically. No, that would make too much sense. So what happens is those people with remotes get in and out very easily and without too much fuss but the majority of our neighbour’s employees who don’t have remotes instead hoot to have the gate opened for them when they enter and exit the property.

Of course my concentration goes out the proverbial window when this nagging hooting cuts through my headphones several times an hour. The neighbour’s office staff don’t seem to have a remote on hand all the time to open the gate so it implicitly falls to me or to the Hypertext people to open the gate everytime someone wants to come in. I go through phases when I refuse to open for them but that doesn’t really work.

What would be great is if the complex’s owner installed an intercom, gave our neighbours a frikkin’ button to open the gate and installed one of those fancy gadgets that opens the gate automatically when a car drives up to the gate. That would be awesome.

Now, back to work before the next car starts hooting.

Update: Ok, I literally had a 5 minute gap there till another car arrived and hooted to be let in.



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