Chrome icon update: nice but I'll stick with the fox

I should have a category on this blog for “Stuff That Will Engage 5.3% of Your Attention For 3.5 Minutes” and this would be one of the posts under that category.

Google has refreshed the Chrome icon. The refresh is an attempt to make the icon more representative of the simplicity Chrome represents as a browser. Its one of those redesigns which will grow on you until the previous version just seems garish but, for now, it seems a little too simple:

As for me, I am a bit indecisive at times about my browser choice but I have pretty much stuck with Firefox 4 for the last few months as its moved through its beta and release candidate versions. It is due to be released in final form on 22 March 2011 and while Chrome really is a top notch browser, Firefox 4 is the one for me (at least until I change my mind again and go Chrome).

Firefox logo only

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