Faith giggled

Our baby had her first giggle this afternoon so I went running with my iPhone to capture the moment. Of course she didn’t actually giggle for the camera but I got this cute video of her being tickled anyway.

I am still dubious about posting family stuff on this blog but I wanted to try the iOS WordPress app with a video download from my iPhone (it failed – something about an xmlrpc-php end point parsing error, or something along those lines) and I am curious what effect a post to Facebook with a link to this blog will have.

Geek diversion

I am very tempted to buy the iMovie app for my iPhone so I can upload my videos directly to Vimeo (I am using Vimeo more and more as my video storage/public sharing service). At the moment my workflow is to move the video to my MacBook using iPhoto or iMovie, upload to Vimeo (and often Facebook for family stuff) and then do a blog post with a video embed (much like this one has turned out).

I’d really like to be able to publish videos to this blog using just the iOS WordPress app but it seems to be a bit buggy.



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