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We don’t watch as much TV as we used to. Having children tends to cut back on your available TV watching time. When we do watch, we have our regular shows we watch almost religiously. It’s not surprising, then, that I found two iOS apps, in particular, really interesting: Tunerfish and IntoNow.

Tunerfish page

Tunerfish is a simply Twitter-style app where you publish the show you are watching and can share it on Twitter and Facebook. This is what it looks like when you share what you are watching on Facebook:


Tunerfish is available for the iPhone, iPad and Android and is pretty simple to use and it also includes a stream of your friends’ viewing choices so you can see what they are watching. The one thing that bugs me a little about Tunerfish is I can’t figure out how to search my social networks to see who else is using it. Its also a little like Foursquare in that you can also obtain badges when you do certain things. We watch CSI and a couple similarly themed shows and I have badges relating to those themes.

IntoNow page

IntoNow seems similar except for one big difference. The IntoNow app (iOS only at the moment, I believe) works a little like Shazam but for TV. It will listen to what you are watching and try find the specific episode so you can share it. The technology is called “SoundPrint“:

SoundPrint is what’s known as a “fingerprinting” technology. We’ve developed a series of algorithms that can quickly identify a show based on the audio from that program. And because we can do it so quickly—even for shows that are airing for the first time ever—the end result is something like magic.

I have tried this once, last night while we were watching a Mentalist episode, and it worked really well:


It is a lot easier for me to search my social networks for other connections or friends who use IntoNow but there aren’t too many at the moment.

Between the two, I like IntoNow a little more. I like being able to share what I am watching at an episode level. Doing that avoids the inevitable follow up question: “Oh, I love that show, which episode are you watching?”. Tunerfish only seems to work at a series level and while it works fairly well, it seems a little more limited than IntoNow.



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  1. Gavin Magid avatar

    Tried it during the good wife last night and it would not work.

  2. Gavin Magid avatar

    Tried it during the good wife last night and it would not work.

  3. pauljacobson avatar

    Its worked fairly well for me but I find it works better with minimal background noise and when there is dialogue on the show.

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