Deep thoughts about Woolworths spoilt milk

We tossed out about a litre of milk last night from a 3 litre Woolworths milk bottle. It was the second time in about a week that I’ve thrown out milk that has gone bad and which we bought from Woolworths. That this happened at about 21:30 when we were trying to put my son to sleep (he has a bottle when he goes to sleep) didn’t help. We haven’t had an issue with Woolies supplied milk in the past but this developing trend is changing my approach to Woolworths and that is a little interesting to me.

Melkboer / MilkmanGenerally I perceive Woolies products as being more expensive than other retailers like Pick ‘n Pay but of better quality. This perception relates more to meat/chicken, fruit and vegetables. It also extends to milk and we buy the 3 litre bottles because we tend to go through a fair amount with Aaron still on 2 or 3 bottles a day (depending on whether he can con someone into giving him extra). We buy bread at Woolies too but the quality seems not to be so great. If this milk issue is going to become a common experience then we’ll stop buying Woolies milk and switch back to Clover or something like that. I realised that Woolies milk sort of anchors us to Woolies as a preferred retailer and if we stop buying Woolies milk, I wonder if we will still go there nearly as much? We may as well go to Pick ‘n Pay or the better Spar stores for our stuff if we are going to switch to milk we can get anywhere.

I know this post seems a bit inane but this idea of a single product that anchors us to a retailer and brand fascinates me.






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