Boy, another birthday already and it's been quite a year! My business partnership kicked off with mu

Boy, another birthday already and it’s been quite a year! My business partnership kicked off with much excitement and collapsed a short 7 months later and with that came a fair amount of disappointment and a tough few months. The partnership’s demise and my return to solo practice set the tone for a difficult 2nd half of 2010 and also taught me a lot about where I want to be and what I want to do.

Like any business failure (ok, very possibly generalizing here), this was a tremendous learning experience and the challenges in the second half of the year just steepened the learning curve.

Looking head to my 36th year, it already looks like it is going to be a busy year. Our daughter will be with us soon enough and I have a few plans for my business which could take me closer to more of the work I love and that excites me. After 5.5 years working on my practice, it feels like it is time to kick it up a few notches!

I have had an opportunity to work with some amazing people and one of my goals for my next year is to do more work with those and other amazing and inspiring people. That is one aspect of my work which I am passionate about and work with passion is worth doing! This reminds me of that quote (which I will probably mangle): work is love made visible … Something like that at any rate.






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