Instapaper awarded Macworld's Editors’ Choice

Link: Instapaper awarded Macworld’s Editors’ Choice

I’ve been using Instapaper to send articles to my Kindle DX to read when I have a chance (the result is a personalized magazine or newspaper).  It is a terrific service and a great way to keep up with all that reading I don’t have time for as I stumble across the Web.  I’ve been using the Instapaper app on my iPhone since I got it and Instapaper has just gotten even better for me.


Instapaper has made Macworld’s 26th Annual Editors’ Choice Awards, a very short list (especially if you don’t count products from Apple) and a very high honor.

Thanks, Macworld editors. This is truly awesome.

Everyone else: You should really read Macworld (the magazine or the website). It’s one of only a very small handful of tech publications that’s actually good and professionally written.






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