Chrome gets a Firefox Panorama (formerly Tab Candy) extension

I’m trying out the new Firefox 4 beta 5 today which has an interesting way to manage tabs (actually, I think this feature was in the previous beta too). I am still not sure whether being able to manipulate so many tabs to easily is a big productivity win (I try keep my open tabs to a minimum, lest I completely ruin what passes for my productivity) but the feature is a very cool one nevertheless. If you haven’t seen Panorama in action before, here it is (it used to be called Tab Candy):

Firefox Panorama: How To from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

How to use the newest Firefox feature: Panorama. For more info see

Anyway, I noticed that there is a Chrome version now too called Tab Sugar so if you are a Chrome user who has a tendency to load up with tabs, it is worth checking this out. It looks practically identical to the Firefox version.

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  1. Thanks, nice tip, I’ll be using Tab Sugar on Chrome. I was using FF since it’s first beta releases, now I’m really enjoying Chrome.

  2. I keep switching between Chrome and Firefox and have generally stuck with Firefox 3.6.x for the time being. I thought I’d spend a bit more time with Firefox 4 beta 5 today and it is really fast although still has the biggles you would expect from a beta product.

  3. […] of the features in Firefox 4 is an addon called Firefox Panorama which is used to organise tabs. I wrote about it a while ago after playing around with it for a little bit. I didn’t use it again until this morning. I […]

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