feelgood with Jacaranda 94.2 this winter

Jacaranda 94.2 has come up with an easy way for people to come together and promote a cause they believe it. It is called feelgood and it is a community platform that allows communities of interest to collaborate on a charity or similar cause and it is beginning to show real results. Natasha Ramasray, the Junior Community Manager, described it as a “social media platform for do-gooders” and one terrific example of how feelgood is being used is Jacaranda 94.2’s Winter Warmer campaign:

This morning you didn’t have a jersey. Today, you walked along the cold concrete with your bare feet. Tonight you will probably go to bed early to dream away the hunger pains, pulling your newspaper right up to your chin and hope that you’ll be able to fall asleep despite the cold.

If this was you, wouldn’t you want someone to show you the face of kindness?

This is unfortunately the world that a lot of South Africans are living in. But there are many of us that are fortunate enough to help. Join Jacaranda 94.2’s Winter Warmer 2010, with Gift of the Givers and show those less fortunate the face of kindness, this winter.

You could change someone’s world. Donate new blankets or money to Jacaranda 94.2’s Winter Warmer 2010 with Gift of the Givers.

Jacaranda Winter Warmer.png

Its easy to forget about our fellow South Africans who can’t curl up under a winter duvet, turn on a heater or even wear warm clothes and as the winter cold starts to bite, these people increasingly need our help. So far the Winter Warmer community has raised R14 680 of its goal R24 000 and there have been about 1 598 visitors as I write this including many people I follow on Twitter.

The Amazee platform the communities run on reminds me of a cross between Ning and Facebook with a home page, wall, members list, polls, calendar and a fundraising module. The site also supports OpenID and Facebook accounts (although the OpenID integration needs a little work) for account creation.

The Winter Warmer group isn’t the only one you can join and contribute to. Other worthy causes include the Yearly Bash to raise Funds for Abused/Molested Children, the Witbank Victim Support Centre, Friends of Rescued Animals and even the Silver Ball project. Jacaranda 94.2 has taken care of the infrastructure that enables these groups to do what they hope to do. What these sorts of initiatives need is more people to join the groups they resonate with and contribute.



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