Nozbe + Evernote = integrated GTD application

I came across Nozbe a while ago on the Evernote blog. Nozbe is a GTD application that is currently available on the Web and as an iPhone app (an Android app is planned for July/August). In itself, it is a pretty interesting service and what I like about it is that it also integrates with Evernote.

Here is a video introduction to Nozbe if you are unfamiliar with it:

The Evernote integration is pretty straightforward and effective. At first I wasn’t sure if Nozbe actually created custom notebooks or some similar structure in Evernote but what it does is use Evernote as a reference for tasks added to Nozbe itself:

Nozbe has a limited free package but if you are going to use Nozbe for your day to day GTD requirements, you will have to pay. I’ve been straddling OmniFocus on my MacBook and Astrid/Remember the Milk on my HTC Desire and it isn’t an ideal solution.

I was seriously looking at Remember the Milk as a new GTD solution but the most effective way to use RTM as a GTD app would also make it pretty cumbersome and difficult to manage given the variety of projects I have on the go. I still have to replicate some of those projects in Nozbe to see how it would work but given its integration with Evernote as a resource and the imminent arrival of an Android app, this could be a better solution.

Update: I have just finished reading a series of posts by Tara Robinson detailing her attempted shift from Remember The Milk to Nozbe. I haven’t come across Tara before so I have no idea how powerful her GTD kung-fu is but her comments make sense and will be of interest to anyone considering Nozbe, particularly any RTM users. Her review is in 3 parts: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.






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