Embedding a wave on your site for improved live blogging

I came across an interesting post on the Google Wave blog about improvements to the Google Wave Embed API which could prove to be pretty useful to you if you live blog or want to have a more collaborative blog post or interaction about something online. The post talks about the API and it also mentions a site you can use to get embed code for a Wave which would either only be accessible to its participants (so you could have a private wave on a public page meant only for its approved participants) or a totally open wave.

I followed the directions in the post and create embed code on the Google Web Elements page for this long standing wave:

It is still unclear what Wave’s tangible benefits are in general. I think this is largely due to it being an evolving platform but this option of creating an embedded and public wave could make it useful for live blogging in particular with the added benefit that participants could help flesh out the blogger’s notes with more detail, making it a richer resource for others.

You can also embed a live stream with FriendFeed and I’ve done that in the past quite easily. This Wave option is potentially more versatile but it may depend on who is interested in using it. That being said, the option to expose the wave to the public and to even permit anonymous contributions could make Wave that much more appealing in general.



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