International Internet access still on the fritz due to Seacom maintenance

Our Internet connection has been terrible all weekend and this morning our international link seemed to fall away leaving us with local sites and the big nothing beyond them. I contacted Afrihost and asked what is going on and they came back with the following:


Please be advised that the SEACOM cable is currently offline for maintenance. SEACOM maintenance was scheduled to be done on Saturday 24th April.

There is currently no expected time of resolution and we will update this status page as we get updates.

Traffic is being re-routed over SAT3, but international speeds have been negatively affected.

Services such as Instant Messenger and websites hosted overseas(google) will be affected.

Local speeds will not be affected.

Seacom did publish an advisory a few days ago about maintenance on the 24th but it seems to be more complicated than Seacom anticipated because the line is still offline. The other cables coming down the east and west coasts can’t come soon enough. It seems that our other main line to the rest of the Internet is not coping with the load very well.

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