A weekend away at The Westcliff

Gina and I won an overnight stay at The Westcliff hotel for Valentines Day. We don’t really celebrate Valentines Day because we have a much more significant day we celebrate, namely our wedding anniversary which is on the 12th of February. That pretty much made the weekend more of an anniversary weekend than a Valentines Day weekend and the prize made the weekend that much more exciting for us.

Valentines getaway at The Westcliff-67-1.jpg

The room was magnificent, easily the most luxurious I have experienced! The hotel layout itself was really conducive to a quiet weekend and a little photography along the way.

I didn’t know that the competition was even running or that Gina had entered it but I am glad she did. The time away with her was a great opportunity for us to spend some “lone time” together and reconnect.

Thanks to Wicount for running the competition, it was a real treat!

You can see my photoset from our stay right on Flickr.

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