I love the new iPhone 3G S

Oh boy, I dig the new iPhone 3G S! This is what the iPhone should have been last year and possibly even when it first launched. I think Apple has actually produced an iPhone I could see myself owning, happily.


I have been excited when Apple launched its previous two iPhone models and was disappointed when I took a look at each device’s specs. It is probably because I expected more from Apple than what it actually produced. I still believe Apple’s OS and UI on the iPhone are the best I’ve seen (the Palm Pre or Android phones may change that perception when I have a chance to play with those devices). What I haven’t been impressed with is the hardware side. Apple has produced the awesome Mac range and Mac OS X which just keeps getting better with each new iteration. I expected something equally amazing from the iPhone and it just hasn’t met my internal (and quite possibly, impossible) expectations.

The iPhone 3G S looks fantastic. The camera is only a 3 megapixel camera but Simon Dingle has pointed out that even with 2 megapixels, people are taking awesome photos with the iPhone. A number of people have also, correctly, pointed out that megapixels are not the important thing, it is more about the optics and the sensor on the device. I can imagine that this camera will be perfectly adequate for casual photos at the very least. The addition of video capture and editing as well as the way the iPhone 3G S focuses make the iPhone even more exciting. It is worth watching the guided tour, there is a lot more about the iPhone 3G S to love.

There isn’t much about the new iPhone 3G S that is revolutionary and not available in other high-end devices but Apple does it so well. I love the interface for the digital compass and voice memos, to name two features. It looks beautiful and the retro look appeals to me. Even the slightly gimmicky voice control UI looks cool. No question about it, the iPhone 3G S is a sexy, useful, smart phone/iPod/Internet device!


One reason in particular not to get the iPhone 3G S comes to mind. My time with other touchscreen devices (including my wife’s iPod Touch) has reinforced how much I prefer having a physical keyboard on my devices. As nice as the onscreen keyboard is, I want the option of a physical QWERTY keyboard. I might be showing my age a little there and the fact that I am just not hip/cool/insert-descriptor-here but I want to type with actual buttons. And no, the Blackberry Storm doesn’t really appeal to me. Besides, I have something else coming my way which I am just as excited about, possibly more so.

I see that the iPhone 3G S is coming to SA next month. If you have been thinking about an iPhone for yourself, take a good look at this baby. It could be sunshine and happiness in your pocket.

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