I touched the Nokia N97 and it was good

I had an opportunity to play around a little with a pre-production Nokia N97 yesterday and my initial experience of it is pretty good! I took a couple out of focus and indistinct photos of the device to share with you:

The phone performs pretty much as I hoped it would although it was in offline mode and I didn’t have a chance to test out things like web browsing and other data services. This is also a pre-production unit so it may still change a little and perhaps even be optimised even further by the time the phone starts hitting stores in June (we may only get it a month or two later due to some approval processes at ICASA and the networks).

The device feels right in my hand. I thought it might feel a little small or narrow but it doesn’t. It is bigger than my E71 but not uncomfortably so. This model has a plastic case (at least it felt like plastic) but unlike the 5800 Music Xpress, it feels more substantial. The touchscreen is pretty much the same as the 5800 in that you feel a vibration when you do things using the touchscreen. That is your feedback that lets you know you have actually done something. The touchscreen transitions pretty quickly between landscape and portrait modes and my only real challenge was getting used to how to navigate around the interface.

I shot a quick video just to get a sense of what the video quality on the device is and it is also pretty good! I could comfortably use the N97 for casual videos although I am curious about how it will perform in low light situations.

Test video with a Nokia N97 from Paul Jacobson on Vimeo.

Looking forward to trying one of these out over a more extended period of time but based on my short time with it yesterday, I am going to start saving …






13 responses to “I touched the Nokia N97 and it was good

  1. Chris Heath avatar

    Great read Paul. I joined the twit army the second that Leo had it up. It makes more sense to be a part of a community that is geared towards a common interest.

    (i did see one small type/grammar correction … last paragraph… “still have” should be “still has”)

    I'll be adding your feed to my regularly checked blogs list.


  2. pauljacobson avatar

    Hey Chris

    Thanks for the comment and the correction. I have fixed the error.

    I'd like to see Laconica adopted more widely. Hopefully the overwhelming gravitational forces Twitter exerts will not crush all resistance just yet although I think Steve Gillmor is probably right about Twitter's continued dominance (take a look at his post at http://www.techcrunchit.com/2008/09/01/why-twit…).

  3. Chris Heath avatar

    yeah, I saw and read that the other day… and I don't really have a problem with twitter staying as king of the hill, but do agree with him and dave wiener on the importance of alternatives, and more importantly getting the public feed in real-time.

    i really enjoy the track functionality that i can get over the twit army and identica all through a jabber client (usually gmail chat)

    also of note, i do also enjoy using twitterspy via instant messaging as well… much more convenient than doing searches all the time.

    edit: i swear this was in reply… but oh well…

  4. Chris Heath avatar

    out of curiosity… how's disqus going for you?

    i'm seriously thinking about switching over to it for my blog…
    is it super easy? do i have anything to take into consideration?

    also wondering about your thoughts on this subject now that some time has passed?
    have you blogged anything recently you'd like to point me towards?


  5. pauljacobson avatar

    Hey Chris

    It is going well for me. I definitely prefer this form of interaction over the built in commenting functionality. I do have IntenseDebate running on another blog and there are aspects of that service that appeal to me (I like the OpenID integration for one thing) but I don't have many comments on there to be able to assess its functionality compared to Disqus.

    I would like to see more options on the backend of Disqus but I was told that an improved backend is in the works for Disqus so I am happy with my choice. I do like the fact that if I remove Disqus all the comments I have received remain in the blog (I didn't know that when I installed Disqus) so there is really no harm in trying it out.

  6. Chris Heath avatar

    thanks for the quick reply and recommendation

    i'll be giving it a shot i guess

  7. Quotes avatar

    N97 is one of the best phones I have ever come across, I am fortunate enough to have it with me from one week!

  8. Dual Sim Phone avatar

    N97 is one of the best phone ever made, am using one

  9. mappys avatar

    wow nice phone

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  10. eddiepetosa avatar

    I wonder, is Laconica able to run well on a custom server? And about Twitter, I never liked it.

  11. pauljacobson avatar

    As far as I know, Laconica is designed to run on your own server and be part of a federated system.

  12. eddiepetosa avatar

    That's good to know. Thank you for your prompt response!

  13. Bali Accommodation avatar

    Thanks pauljacobson. Laconica is sound new for me. have to try it

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