The talented Gabrielle Rosario

I just got back from a meeting with Gabrielle Rosario and I am totally fired up about her. If you don’t know who she is, here is a snippet from her site:

I’m a pseudo-academic and closet-geek, passionate about a few things, namely; being online, brands, marketing and communication. Its fantastic then that digital and mobile have come along, where my passions can be fused together, especially with social networking!

I am a cross-media consultant, working with agencies and clients to develop successful strategies for their brands, see CONSULTING & WORKSHOPS.

1st philosophy:


2nd philosophy:

I prescribe to the notion of prosumers and to create space where you can listen and respond to what your market wants from you.

3rd philosophy:

The brands who with a strong vision, are able to relinquish control and allow growth to develop organically, will be the most successful.

I netWORK problems and solutions, people and ideas, so feel free to contact me regarding an idea or marketing problem you may have, and I’ll see how I can help.

Gaby_Rosario.jpgOnce in a while I come across someone who intensifies my passion in social media and the social Web even more and when I walk away from that meeting I can almost feel doors to new opportunities opening up. There are routinely posts in the local blogosphere about people like this and they are often heralded as the next generation of local prodigies in the social media space. I think Gaby is one of those rare people who these prodigies are compared to.

We spoke for over an hour about religious perspectives, content licensing and social networks and, without delving into anything specific, I couldn’t help but be impressed with her. If this sounds condescending in anyway (as if I am the arbiter of all things noteworthy), it isn’t meant to be. Gaby is one of those people I would count myself extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with. Her energy is infectious, not just in the sense that I feel even more excited about social media but in the sense that her energy and perspective sparks my own and gets me thinking about new avenues, new projects.

One of my first thoughts after getting back into my car was regret that I don’t have an active project I could invite her to run with me. Sometimes I run scenarios in the privacy of my mind where I imagine who my dream team would be if I created a dynamic and innovative business. As you may expect I usually position myself, somewhat reluctantly, as the the leader/facilitator of this fantasy venture where I would get to work with the likes of Mike Stopforth, Rich Mulholland and other fine luminaries (just because I haven’t named you doesn’t mean you’re not on my dream team, this post just needs to come to an end at some point). Having met with Gaby I could comfortably turn the reigns over to her to run my fantasy business and be content to be part of the team.

Having said that I hope that aside from briefing her to run incredibly lucrative and innovative projects she is passionate about, I’d like an opportunity to build that fantasy business and get her involved before someone else snaps her up first.






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  1. pauljacobson avatar

    I am a @gabyrosario fan:
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  3. JP van der Spuy avatar

    @Gaby – Keep reeling them in Gabs, u rock!! 🙂

    @Paul – well spotted dude, Gaby is exceptionally talented and I think us online boys will soon ching-chong-cha to snap her up!

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