Quick Nokia rant

Man Nokia pisses me off sometimes. It produces amazing phones like my very cool E71 and then insists that I use Windows to do little things like update my phone’s firmware! I use a MacBook as my day to day machine and with the exception of issues I have had with failing and failed hard drives and questionable support up the line (although C3, my preferred provider, has been awesome – they just have their hands tied by the morons they have to look to if they want to get stuff done) it has been the best experience I have had with a computer.

The only issue is that Nokia seems to think I should be punished for using a Mac (or anything other than Windows because if I couldn’t use a Mac for some reason, I would be running Ubuntu). Why, oh why, has Nokia not produced a version of its software updater for the Mac???!! Does Microsoft have something on Nokia? Some skeleton in the closet? Preview images of a hideous handheld Nokia can’t afford to have released into the marketplace?

Why does Nokia hate me (and every other non-Windows user)?

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