Random facts about me

I have been meaning to respond to Bev’s post published late July and just haven’t gotten around to it just yet … well, till now. The tag post thing has pretty much done the rounds so I’m not going to try re-ignite the flow. Instead, I’ll just let you in on a couple details about me that you may not know:

  • I am just a little obsessive compulsive about arbitrary things like keeping my hands clean and not eating off other people’s plates (yuck – I am getting a little better about this one though, I’ll take french fries off my wife’s plate);
  • I tend to undervalue my work and charge too little in favour of helping people out – the downside of this is that I am probably being valued about as highly as I value my work;
  • I am a (lapsed) Reiki Master;
  • I have a phobia about needles and, coupled with a really vivid imagination, I don’t handle hospitals very well;
  • As much as I enjoy new things, I am pretty averse to change;
  • One of the few ways to really tick me off is to question my integrity, especially by my clients or colleagues – it doesn’t take me long to part ways with the person concerned;
  • I don’t like to take orders from someone for too long, I much prefer to be my own boss or have control over my own processes; and
  • I can be pretty cranky, especially when people stubbornly refuse to acknowledge that I am right (sometimes), when I am hungry/tired (often) and when I don’t get time to myself once in a while.

Otherwise I am generally a pretty amazing person! 😉

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