Thoughts about video blogging

I just recorded two videos which I posted on and on Seesmic. I won’t go into much detail because I’d like the videos to speak for themselves. The conversation that sparked these videos is on Sue Rutherford’s blog. Start there and then continue here …

I then went along to Seesmic and posted this video as a comparison of the two services. The process of publishing the first video was considerably more drawn out than posting the Seesmic video. I first recorded the video in iMovie, started to export it as a reasonably big mp4 video file, stopped that and exported it as a smaller video file, re-encoded it as a mp4 file again and then uploaded it to where it now resides (well after two failed attempts to upload the video to Viddler).

The Seesmic video below took about 30 seconds longer than the video duration to record and post and I don’t think the video quality is much worse …

So what are your thoughts about video blogging? If you use Seesmic, why not post a response below (under the text based comments field). Of course text comments are welcome!

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