Rocking the Daisies gear

So says Bev “Feisty Female”:

If you haven’t heard about the Rocking the Daisies Music Festival you’ve been hiding under the wrong rock! Now in its third year, this is the coolest festival by far and the fact that it’s eco-friendly to boot, is commendable. (Their pay-off line is PARTY HARD, TREAD LIGHTLY.)

Bev’s question for a couple people (myself included) is what I would take along to this eco-friendly music festival. These are the five things I would take along:

  1. My mobile phone for updates;
  2. My camera for stills and short videos to be edited and posted later;
  3. Possibly my MacBook (although I tend to go a little light at these sorts of events);
  4. Sunglasses, sun cream and maybe even a hat; and
  5. My iPod (I know it is a music festival but my iPod has my own personal music festival for those moments when I need some familar inspiration (the iPod would probably necessitate the MacBook to charge up and sync).

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