Seesmic waves on the Internet

Seesmic logo.pngI meandered over to the Seesmic home page and signed up after I remembered that Mike Stopforth has Seesmic powered video comments enabled on his blog (I need to look into that!). After being invitation only for yonks it is available for plebs like me to sign up. What is it all about? Glad you asked that question, I’m not too sure myself but here is the official explanation:

Interesting tidbit: the guy who owns Seesmic, bought Thwirl not too long ago. I am still thinking “Pownce” when I think about the model here but Twitter still has the biggest amount of traffic and that seems to make all the difference, not functionality or anything silly like that …

Anyone else using Seesmic?

Update: I just posted my first Seesmic video. I hadn’t put on my makeup or had my hair done yet so it is all a bit rough.

The video quality is ok, very blocky when you move. I’ll try record a video and then upload it and see if that makes a difference.

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  2. […] in Twitter (every mention of you) and the ability to record Seesmic videos from Twhirl itself (I am using Seesmic more and more lately, it is a lot of fun and using it for video comments is a great change). One thing I love […]

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