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r1_i2.jpgI just got back from Cape Town where I spoke at Quirk’s breakfast seminar at the Metropole hotel on Long Street. To get there I was booked on a Kulula (I just noticed that the Kulula site seems to be using Extended Validation certificates to combat phishing – good to see this stuff being used more often) flight out of Lanseria International Airport. The whole thing was a mixed experience for me. This was the first time I flew on Kulula and the first time I used the Lanseria Airport.


  • Lanseria Airport is much more comfortable and efficient;
  • Kulula personnel are a lot of fun (well, the evening crew was, the morning crew was still defrosting)


  • Like other low cost airlines there is standing room only and it is impossible to work on the plane, never mind sit comfortably if you are taller than 4 and a half feet;
  • The road to Lanseria is dark and not terribly well sign posted, especially on the way back (relevant because both trips were in darkness)

On the whole I am not a fan of standing room only airlines because I want to be able to do some work on the planes or at least not have to sit with my knees under my chin.

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