I want Omni-everything!

I am a bigger fan of OmniGroup software the more I use it. I have OmniFocus for my tasks and workflows (my whole workflow now centers on OmniFocus); OmniOutliner Pro for my outlines and note-taking and OmniGraffle for brainstorming all sorts of things from projects to agreements (which are basically projects anyway). The problem is that I want more of their stuff now.

omniplan.pngI am eyeing out OmniPlan now but at $150 I really don’t have a need for it, particularly considering I am not managing projects with other people, just my own (and OmniFocus takes care of that). I think I just want it because it looks like really cool software and it would look really nice on my dock alongside my other Omni-apps.

Man, OmniGroup has really done me in. With such awesome software, the urge to buy more of their software is worse than my compulsion to buy new Apple gear. Good thing I don’t have the budget for the Apple gear but there is always a way to find $150 somewhere … damn you OmniGroup!!

(maybe I’ll download OmniPlan and use a trial license … just to see … I can look, can’t I? I just won’t touch …)

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