Buy the bigger MacBook?

I am going to buy my wife her first Mac this next month and we pretty much settled on the mid-range white MacBook. It goes for about R13 000 which I am ok with. I got myself a black MacBook in October last year and the new, white MacBook is more powerful and will more than cater for her needs.

I have been thinking about a different arrangement too, though. I am running out of HDD space (my 160GB drive is just about full) and the new black MacBook comes with a 250GB HDD so I am considering buying myself a new black MacBook (around R15 000) and giving her my current one so I won’t need to spend around R2 000 to upgrade my current MacBook’s drive (that is roughly the cost of a new drive and labour to install it and move all my stuff across – I won’t even think about attempting that myself). Is it a cheek to give my wife my hand-me-down Macbook?

Speaking of new Macs, man that new iMac is gorgeous and powerful!

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