Frikkin' Nokia N73 software update

N73.pngWhatever you do, don’t update your Nokia N73‘s software to version 4.0736.3.2.1. It will completely bugger up your bluetooth connectivity. My MacBook and my phone can’t communicate wirelessly except to acknowledge each other’s presence. They won’t talk to each other at all and I am caught in the middle.

To make matters worse I didn’t research the software first for any glitches and jumped at the chance for an upgrade in the hope it would address the frustratingly slowness that is my phone.


If I had the cash I would throw this thing at a wall really hard and fast and run off to buy a new phone. I don’t have the cash so I am stuck with this mildly functional paperweight.

Double frack.

Is it worth re-flashing the phone and having to set everything up again or should I accept my fate and wait for Nokia to eventually come to my rescue?

I would very much like a new phone and I am thinking about the N82. It seems to be a really good phone on all fronts and I hope it doesn’t suffer from the foibles of its younger cousin.

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