Troubles with Afrigator

I noticed that there is still a niggling issue with Afrigator’s registration process this evening. I was busy registering this blog with the usual services I use and wanted to include Afrigator in the mix. I don’t think my original login credentials are still valid so I initially tried to create a new account using one of my OpenIDs and came up with some annoying list of PHP errors.

I just tried to replicate the error for the purposes of this post and the thing actually let me past the first step of creating an account. I even managed to add this blog to the list so I’m not sure if this is just another typical failure to replicate an error when it needs to be replicated or if the guys managed to sort it out.

Stii, Mark, Justin … just a note that there may still be this issue although the site won’t let me replicate it. I’ll let you know if it does though! The site does seem a bit sluggish in the badges department and won’t display the various badge options.

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