Flirting with NetNewsWire

feed-icon-96x96.pngI hauled out NetNewsWire 3.0 this weekend, upgraded it to 3.1 beta, and tried it out again. I thought I would give it another go after reading a review on Shawn Blanc’s blog. I exported my subscriptions from Google Reader, imported them into NNW and fired it up.

NNW will sync with Newsgator and you can use it as a standalone feed reader (there are also options to sync via ftp and .Mac accounts). It is a really good looking application and has some great features I miss in Google Reader like the ability to subscribe to password protected feeds.

Compared to Google Reader the NNW interface is fantastic but what NNW lacks are the easy keyboard navigation options that you have in Google Reader (“j” for the next article, “k” for the previous one and so on). NNW can be a little clumsy in comparison and there is no easy way to share feeds and feed items like there is in Google Reader that I could figure out in NNW/Newsgator.

So, after a little experiment with NNW I am back to Google Reader. Ok, you can all take another breath and the world can continue turning …

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