All are welcome at Mugg & Bean – repost

My wife and I had breakfast at the Mugg & Bean in Killarney on Sunday.  We overheard an anti-semitic comment from someone we thought was a Mugg & Bean person and I published a blog post about it on my personal blog which I have subsequently updated for reasons that will become clear when you read the post.  I am impressed with Mugg & Bean’s management and how they dealt with this complaint.  If anything, that is a good reason to visit not just this Mugg & Bean, but your local one too.

A couple people wanted to comment on the post but are not members of Vox so feel free to comment here.  As always, I recommend that you post something about this yourself.  We are so used to talking about companies that don’t even listen and this is a good example of a company that listens and does something about it.  That is something worth talking about.

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