Good to see everyone at the 27 Dinner

I am home from this month’s 27 Dinner at Melrose Arch. The evening started off with a power failure courtesy of Eskom’s load shedding …

27 Dinner on 27 November 2007 - 13

… which last about an hour and a half. The power eventually came back on and those of us who had spread out to find food in Melrose Arch quickly returned to the Primi for the Big Announcement which turned out to be a tour of the new beta version of Afrigator.

27 Dinner on 27 November 2007 - 24

I do feel like a bit of a tool. There were a bunch of people I wanted to chat to and get to know better and between the power failure and wanting to get home to my wife and baby, I didn’t get to chat to anyone for very long. I am really glad I got to meet Stii, Bev and Mark to name just a few. Of course it was great to catch up with Justin, Mike, Nic, Merle, Eve, Carly, Gregor, Danie, Victoire, Nico and many others.

As always, good to see everyone even though I didn’t get to chat to everyone!

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